LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace: Connecting Professionals to Nonprofit Opportunities

LinkedIn announced a new hub for volunteering opportunities, allowing users to explore the world of nonprofit positions in organizations worldwide. The new service comes as a part of its ongoing effort to create what it calls "economic graph" - connecting the dot of professionals around the world through skills, educational background and organizations.

Volunteer Hub will serve as a networking center for job seekers who may not require remunerations for their services and opportunities for nonprofit workforce sourcing.

The LinkedIn Volunteer marketplace aims to help the social sector by connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale according to the company blog.

It will avail non-profits relevant members of the social network who have expressed interest in volunteering opportunities. In addition, the members will now be able to browse hundreds – and eventually thousands – of specific, high-quality volunteer opportunities that nonprofits are seeking to fill.

In a recent survey on LinkedIn, 42% of hiring managers stated they consider volunteer work equivalent to full-time work experience. 20% said they’d hired someone because of their volunteer experience. So, the company's vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.
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