Bing Maps Preview debut on Windows 8.1

Microsoft has launched Bing Maps Preview app for Windows 8.1, bringing full 3D capabilities and zooming on a 3D globe to users worldwide. The new app comes as a true analogue to "Google Earth", with street-level scenery, routes from point to point, and virtual Earth views.

The new Maps Preview also feature a compass and a permanent search bar, which allows users to search out a destination or map out a route.

Now available for download in the Windows Store, Bing Maps Preview bring icons to toggle back and forth between 2D and 3D views, a feature that was lacking in the default Maps.

And Microsoft has integrated Maps with Skype, making a click-to-call functionality possible on the new Maps app. Also, boasting of a "street view" capabilities, accessed by swiping up on the screen, the new Maps Preview is truly a "Google Earth" challenge.
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