- Create Your Own Customized Browser is a new tool that enables anyone create a private and customized browser experience. It is Chromium based, meaning it is built with security in mind from the architectural point of view.

All the extensions that support Chrome also support MakeMyBrowser personal browsers, all the themes can be implemented and feels no difference. You can create a private customized browser for each of your family members, with icon, bookmarks and themes.

Why a Private Browser?

As users' privacy is increasingly a much debated topic nowadays, having a browser in which you're in total control certainly is a great point. And the good part, all at no cost.

Why create a Personalized Browser?

As many computers are used by more than one person, each user is expected to log in and out from Windows, which really takes a lot of time and effort. With MakeMyBrowser, you can let your mom keep on using Chrome, while you use your own browser. You can actually create as many browsers as you wish.

If you have your own computer, you might have two or more Gmail/Facebook accounts. Creating your own personal browser, allows you to navigate quickly between the two, and identify your browser by your own selected image. No need to type in password all over, login and log out etc. Also, you might want to have your “fun browser” with links and extensions to YouTube, Hulu, and other sites, but alongside have your “work browser” with links and extensions that are work related.

And in case of a stolen PC, it is recommended that users should log in to their personalized browser using any Google Account. This will save all your bookmarks and passwords online, and you can always login back from chrome or other chromium browser and restore all your information.
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