LinkedIn Introduces University Pages

LinkedIn, the unparalleled professionals network, is honing their great pool of user base to avail prospective students of relevant information as regards various universities by providing a ready made information hub, University Pages.

The University Pages on LinkedIn is aimed at helping students attain critical milestone in their campus life to a fulfilling, successful career.  And foremost, to serve as an information hub for students making that initial search for universities to attend.

Beginning on September 12, LinkedIn intends to open up the University Pages for high school students to explore schools worldwide, along with expanding their opportunities on the after school scenario, by building on a network of friends to help at every milestone.

And currently, about 200 universities have adopted their pages, including INSEAD, NYU among other notable citadels of learning.

LinkedIn had accordingly made some changes to its terms of service, most notable being the change in minimum age to 14 for eligibility to join. Also, stressing on the openness and prospect of adding "thousands of schools" along the line.
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