Yahoo Mail "New Policy": Another Privacy Twist?

Yahoo launched a revamped email interface on Monday with a couple of other changes in the service's privacy agreement. The new policy have generated outrage from users especially concerning the line on scanning of private email by Yahoo to improve its ads targeting campaigns.

Privacy have continued to be the bane of internet advertising, given the enormous appeal advertisers have for users personal information. Whereas such users deem it necessary that their privacy should be respected.

Yahoo Mail current additional "Terms of Service" is yet another twist in the privacy saga, although they are not the only service provider who have come open with such policy on tracking users, as well as scanning their private messages for advert purposes. As Google also have implemented the policy on Gmail service.

Microsoft had in 2012 announced same policy changes in its Cloud Services, which was also met with resistance from users. Albeit, the company had opposed email scanning for advertising purposes.

However, if you have upgraded to the new interface, Yahoo have afforded users the option to opt-out of letting the service scan their private messages for advert purposes.

Apart form the policy changes, other notable addition to the revamped Yahoo Mail includes integration of Dropbox cloud storage service which allows users to add attachment to their messages and equally save received attachments direct to the service.
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