Bing Social Integration Adds Friends Connection

Microsoft search engine, Bing debuted its social search feature exactly about a year ago today, bringing the integration of Facebook information stream to open search. The latest update to the social search service now includes Facebook friends connection. deeper integration with Facebook, connecting searchers' with friends help in making more informed recommendations on search queries based on users experience, as conventional internet search becomes more gamed, its harder for web searchers to get trusted information.

Now, the possibility of having friends who have had direct experience regards your search query can be really comforting, and removes every uncertainty when users ask those friends for guidance.

Microsoft partnership with Facebook is perhaps geared to match Google in its game. Google has deeply integrated its social network Google+ into overall information stream in Google search, making it possible for users to get trusted recommendation on searched terms based on connections on Google+ service.

However, Bing social integration provided a separate search columns, while Google's directly stream with open search. The separate search columns means users have control over the information pattern made available to them.

The service, however has not been rolled out to all users, but can be accessed by visiting the test page: on your browser while logged into Facebook. Microsoft plans eventual roll-out of the service unto the main Bing search page in the coming week.
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