Review: WhatsApp Messenger Application Success in Nigeria

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application with a unique appeal due to easy accessibility on feature phones, as well as smartphones. The application was launched in 2009 by Yahoo veterans, J. Koum and Brian Acton, based in Santa Clara, California. It simply trails the pattern of BlackBerry Messenger, but with all your mobile contacts as IM buddy, irrespective of device.

The IM craze in Nigeria was sparked up by the erstwhile Yahoo Messenger, but deepened penetration was as a result of Facebook Chat.

Instant Messaging is perhaps one of the most engaged activities in modern internet usage in Nigeria, especially by the young internet users, who are always seeking for new ways to connect with friends and business associates.

What features have particularly endeared WhatsApp Messenger to Nigerians? 

1. The availability and support of the application on feature phones is perhaps the number one reason for the success of WhatsApp Messenger in Nigeria, given that over half of the mobile users use feature phones. 

2. And secondly, the application is truly innovative in the area of cutting SMS cost, as it automatically adds up your contacts with the application installed on their mobile device, giving your a cheaper option to contact them through instant messaging.

3. Lately, Nigerian telecommunication providers have introduced cheap subscription package for WhatsApp Messenger application, owing to the growing interest by users.

4. And lastly, the application does not consume much space and battery usage is minimal compared to other competing applications.

You can download WhatsApp Messenger direct to your mobile phone now by visiting the website through your device own browser.
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