Review: Web Speech API Demonstration

The Web Speech API which was announced mid-January is perhaps bringing more fun to the browser-side technology, allowing voice recognition on web applications, which Google have now converted into motion picture capabilities on Chrome.

The API runs on JavaScript which allows for flexibility over the speech recognition capabilities in Chrome starting from version 25 and later.

Google demonstrated the silent film capabilities of Web Speech API according to a blog post on Tuesday, announcing a new web portal The Peanut Gallery, which let users add titles in-between old black-and-white movie clips by talking out loud while watching it.

The feature follows on the webkitSpeechRecognition browser support, which provides the speech interface and sets the attributes. However, since the API is still experimental, it's currently vendor prefixed.

Google is hoping that developers will find more useful purposes for the Web Speech API as regards, web navigation, interaction and entering text on the web.
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