ASM.js: Mozilla's Web App Speedup Project

Mozilla foundation has been prepping a new programming technology, ASM.js as an alternative to JavaScript, with promises of bridging the C and JavaScript languages. It's an "extremely restricted" subset of JavaScript that's designed to make bringing existing apps written in the C programming language to the web easier.

The ASM.js software has undergone a benchmark test with stunning results, outperforming JavaScript in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, almost to the speed of native apps.

And lately, the project is gunning interesting attention from game developers, with Google also announcing support for ASM.js on its Chrome V8 engine.

However, the setback had remain securing support from other major browser vendors, as the browser is crucial to the success of any programming technology. And so that developers will have a broad target, without the limitation to a single vendor support.

Albeit, the project is a direct competition to Google's conceived Native Client project, the company had maintained subtle support for ASM.js.
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