Google Apps For Business: What the Changes Imply?

Google on Thursday announced the discontinuation of the FREE Google Apps for Business package, which changes start-ups watchers have termed "Big Blow" for small businesses. Google Apps comprises web-based software services offered by Google to enterprises, which invariably runs on its Cloud storage service.

According to the official Google Enterprise blog, the adoption of the basic version (which is FREE) has shown that the experience is not right for both individuals and businesses as they quickly outgrow the package.

The cases of 24/7 customer service and larger storage facilities were specifically cited in favor of the changes.

Clay Bavor, Director of Product Management, offered the straightforward recommendations that: Individuals who intends to use Gmail and Google Drive should create a free personal Google account. While Businesses will have to make-do with the one version, that is, Google Apps for Business: which includes 24/7 customer care, 25GB storage, and priced at $50 per year.

Also, note that the changes does not apply to existing users, including those running the basic version.

However, Google Apps for Education will be available for schools and universities for free. Guess Cloud business is now a really serious business.
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