Android Malware: FBI Issues New Warning

Mobile malware threats are on the rise, especially on Android devices, the FBI last weekend issued fresh warning on latest malicious malware targeting the open-source operating system. The intelligence report compiled by Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) identified two variants of malware targeting Android devices, Loozfon and FinFisher.

Loozfon is invariably an information vault malware that tends to steal information by tricking users to click on seemingly innocuous links in emails on make-money-at-home programs and other related offers. While FinFisher acts as a Spyware capable of infiltrating the components of a mobile device, which can turn a mobile handset into surveillance device.

Albeit, Android malware challenge, has been on Google's drawing board and the company is not relenting in its effort to curtail the increasing threats targeting the system. AndroidPolice had on Monday reported a new resource file for the Google Play, the files are loaded into memory before any application begins to run on the system.

The resource file for Android will help analyze all the apps to determine malicious malware through the use of app signature. It will automatically red-flag any app it deems malicious or a threat to your mobile device.

Google may also be considering of incorporating anti-malware features direct into the operating system, and perhaps, given the current enormous appeal of the mobile platform, the company will have a lot to prove security-wise if ever it intends to win Enterprise patronage.
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