DNSChanger: Surrogate DNS Servers Shutdown

The DNS malware, DNSChanger, is a Trojan disclosed about 5 years ago, which allowed cyber criminals to hijack computers and redirect traffic to specified hacker-crafted-websites. The malware provides hackers control over DNS servers, thereby making it possible to channel traffic to fraudulent websites and also making such computers vulnerable to other malicious software.

The rogue DNS servers controlled by the cyber criminals allowed them to manipulate users internet activities.

The FBI, late last year, brought down the hackers ring based in Estonia, with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) providing temporary surrogate servers for the rogue DNS servers that were shut down as a result of the operation.

And starting July 9, the surrogate DNS servers will be shut down and computers still infected with DNSChanger may lose connection to the internet.

The DNSChanger Working Group has made available a list of anti-virus software that can fix the malware issue. See the DNSChanger Check-up Website to check if your computer is infected.
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