The Social Browser Goes Mobile

RockMelt, a social web browser that made debut late last year with lots of fanfare, has extended its reach to the mobile app market. The social browser is now available for download as an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app on the iTunes Market place, and the core experience still is centered on social web and information sharing, now even more possible everywhere.

The outstanding feature of the social browser, Cloud Storage Facility, is perhaps more applicable to the mobile web, as your favorite bookmarks and many more website preferences are automatically sync in the Cloud. Quick access to frequently visited sites are synced with RockMelt for Mac and PC.

Again, RockMelt is the first and only browser that require user login access, thereby ensuring high security for user information and stress-free online experience. It incorporates Twitter and Facebook streams in one place, as well as web search bar and RSS feeds from your favorite websites.

It syncs direct with the desktop browser, so you can save web links and posts to read later when you have more time. 

Definitely, you would agree that this doesn't sound like a mere mobile browser, and you are right. Its more than just a browser, it reflects the next generation, and perhaps the mobile web is the future.
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