Amazon's Amplify library for building Cloud-enabled Applications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released a declarative JavaScript library, AWS Amplify, to aid developers in building cloud-enabled applications through its cloud services instead of a contract service.

The AWS Amplify library includes support for authentication APIs, Analytics, Storage, and LRU (least recently used) cache interface across web and Native apps using so-called implementation-specific persistence.

Also, i18n and logging for internationalization and localization is equally supported on the AWS Amplify library.

While the Authentication support features a module providing authentication APIs and capabilities, with credentials offered for the AWS Signature Version 4 signing process and tokens from the Amazon Cognito sign-in service for web and mobile apps.

The Amazon Pinpoint (Pinpoint enables targeted marketing) tracking application is used for tracking users in the AWS Amplify library.

Amazon has also made available the AWS Mobile CLI, providing command-line capabilities for front-end JavaScript developers to integrate back-end resources into their mobile apps.

Albeit, the default Amplify implementation works with Amazon Web Services cloud resources, the library can also be used with other cloud services as a plug-and-play resource.

For developers using it with the React Native library, the aws-amplify-react-native package should be downloaded on NPM. While the AWS Mobile CLI can also be accessed on NPM as awsmobile-cli.
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