Aftermath of President Trump's graphic anti-Muslim videos retweet

While Twitter Rules explicitly forbids abusive and hateful behavior on the platform, the company's decision to uphold series of anti-Muslim videos retweeted by President Trump has attracted massive criticism.

Twitter pointed to the reason behind its inaction in a tweet, but maintains it is still looking critically at all of their current policies, and appreciate all the feedback.

The graphic videos purportedly depict some Muslims pushing someone off a roof and destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. Albeit, President Trump's decision to retweet them is really what caused the uproar.

Thus, Twitter's stance on its earlier decision to keep up the series of graphic anti-Muslim videos this week has met lots of angst from users — and Twitter may be attempting to reframe its reasons.

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Friday: "We mistakenly pointed to the wrong reason we didn't take action on the videos from earlier this week." In contrast to the company's initial stance, that the president's tweets on Wednesday didn't violate its policies and were kept up "to ensure people have an opportunity to see every side of an issue" and "because we believe there is a legitimate public interest."

It's quite interesting to note that Twitter had recently updated its Help Center section, including instances of what it considers to be graphic violence and hateful imagery.

But the company maintains that it won't ban Trump from its service, because of the newsworthiness of his tweets, even if they might violate its policies.
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