Google mobile Searchers now see what's in a Video clip before playing

Google has implemented video previews to search results on mobile, allowing searchers on it's Android app and in Chrome for Android, to have an idea of what's in a clip before going ahead to watch it.

The snippet playback is automatic and plays only on a Wi-Fi connection, so users will not be alarmed with data charges, and the feature can be turned off from the settings menu in the Google app or in Chrome.

Before now, Google had traditionally shown a static image thumbnail of videos in search results.

While the overriding idea is to allow users decide if a video is worth watching before actual resolve to go full stream, even as more and more of users content now take the form of short clips.

Also the video previews will help mobile searchers to find what they’re looking for even faster.

The roll out started on Friday, and within the week, will be reaching all users on the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android, with video results show up in the video carousel, just like text snippets for text results.
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