Get ‘breaking news’ on YouTube across all platforms

YouTube's former stance as a hub for video streaming is gradually shifting into more of a social feed, now with breaking news section in user's feed, making quite another interesting content playlists.

While YouTube contents evolution started with “celebrity” careers, and comment-focused videos rising in popularity over the normal video, but browsing news in feed is becoming more common on other platforms.

The company have started rolling out a “Breaking News” section in people’s feeds across all platforms, with the contents tailored to users interests and location as tied to their Google Accounts.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube partners with the news publishers who already have lots of content on the platform.

Google, on the other hand, has been courting publishers with its AMP program, even though Breaking news may seem an unusual direction for YouTube, it's other project "Stamp" may eventually be the fulcrum of the news publishers.

YouTube, however has turned to conventional media as the sources for a start, albeit it may adapt to users’ interests as stories evolve to a more custom pattern.
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