Top 5 Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Console browsers for Q1 2016

While, Web browser usage varies from region to region as well as period, and depends largely on how "usage share" is defined, this StatCounter statistic shows the top 5 Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Console browsers in the first quarter of 2016, based on worldwide market share.

Albeit, determining just how much of a difference or whether it even matters to your individual use case is the difficult part.

During that period, worldwide internet users accessed the web through Google's Chrome ranked first with monthly averages of 55.5 percent market share, followed with a great distant gap by Mozilla's Firefox with 14.3 percent, Microsoft's IE at 13.1 percent, Apple's Safari at 9.4 percent, and Opera at 2 percent.

Interestingly, all the major browsers recorded a drop, but IE has been the most hit, with Chrome and Firefox fairly hit compared to same period in 2015.

Microsoft's IE demise continued, but the revitalized Edge seems to offset some of the losses. And Opera continued to hover under 2% for most of the period. With Chrome as the undisputed champion with over 6% leap.
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