Play Store coming to Chrome OS! Family Library now Official

News that Google's Play Store (the official app store for the Android operating system) is coming to Chrome OS, the secure lightweight OS powering Chromebooks, was indeed applauded as users will be able to download and install apps made for Android, thus expanding the base of applications available for those devices.

While Chromebooks have been touted as successful in the enterprise, albeit it lacks app compatibility, as before now, Chromebooks were only able to run applications built for Chrome, but which is lacking applications compared to Android.

By bringing the two platforms together, Google will expand the utility of Chromebooks, which will better equip businesses and schools with apps they want, without requiring developers to build a separate Chrome app.

If you're a developer with a group of Android devices in your family, and probably have been impatiently waiting for Google to implement some type of digital sharing option, Google has tipped Family Library launch in the Google Play Developer Support documents.

With all new app purchases having this feature enabled by default, developers have been given the option to opt out, or to make their previous sales compatible.

And now that Chromebooks will be running Android apps, it’s even more important that buyers can bring their family’s digital content along. Meanwhile, developers who want to test their Android apps on Chrome can do so using Asus Chromebook Flip, Chromebook Pixel, and Acer Chromebook R11 starting in June, while the rest of consumers will have to wait till fall.
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