Android Instant Apps: Is Mobile App Outgrowing or Merging with the Web?

Google on Wednesday's I/O keynote, showed off what it termed "Android Instant Apps" — Android apps running instantly, without requiring installation. It means Android apps will show up in the Google search results on Android devices, and users will be able to quickly find and open an app without installing it, more like a webpage.

With Android Instant Apps, just a tap on URL in a search result will open an app, even if the user hasn’t installed the app.

While most analysts have painted a picture of Android outgrowing the mobile web, the reverse may as well be the impending reality.

According to Suresh Ganapathy, group product manager on the Android team, it afford users access to a wider range of apps, and for developers to reach more people. With the Web, you can just click on a link and land on a webpage. That’s one click, and land in a few seconds. What if you could run any app on one tap via the web?

That’s exactly what Android Instant Apps is working at actualizing, and invariably means mobile app merging with the web.

As with the web, you can click on a link and land on a web page — it takes one click and just a few seconds, so too, Instant Apps make it easier for users to access a wider range of apps, and for developers to reach more people.

The company, however, acknowledged that the change is going to take some time, and gradually, it will expand access for developers to bring Instant Apps to users later this year.
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