Predictions: Trends 2012

Finally, the New Year has come and the mobile tech sizzles are yet to die-down, lots of new internet technologies will become featured on the mobile platform, as that is the rave of the moment. But before we commence on our forecast, we wish to take this time-out to wish our dear readers a prosperous and happy New Year.

In the 2011 Predictions, we did nominate Social Web TV as one of the surprises that will spring-up, but the actual story was different. Albeit, most other predictions were accurate, its daunting on us to give our candid-view on what the New Year may unfold. Below are our predictions for 2012:

Location-Based Applications: The social media break-through on the mobile platforms seems to be resting on the implementation of robust location-based services. Facebook's acquisition of Gowalla, a location-based social networking platform, is a pointer to the trend. Also, Google's new mobile search innovation, Autonomous Search, will be based on location apps.

Mobile Web: The bubble generated by the mobile internet is far from bursting, given the expected spread of  cheap Smart Mobile Devices. In fact, who wins the Social-Media Wars for the New Year will be decided by dominance on the mobile platform, as that will be the main strong-hold.

Cloud Computing: The current advancement in Cloud Computing is astronomical, and the rate at which companies are moving their tent to embracing the new technology calls for caution. However, the concurrent updates on Cloud Security seems illusive. So, the paramount question remains, are we heading to a 'Cloudburst'?

Albeit, the predictability of technology follows on what is already on ground, the extent to which they are accurate is the real quest. Let us know what your stake is for the dominant trends for 2012 in the comment section. Once again, we wish you a memorable and prosperous New Year.
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