Mozilla prepping to serve personalized ads on Firefox browser

Mozilla is reported to be prepping a new advertising system in its Firefox 60 beta, which is currently served to a demography of users in the U.S., and it comes in the form of sponsored links based on personalized browsing experience.

While the promotional ads will be personalized by Firefox browser, Mozilla maintains its users personal information are private, as such it dismisses any privacy concerns.

The test is scheduled to commence on May 9, and will reach only a portion of users in the US. The retargeting is powered by Pocket, an advertising service Mozilla acquired in 2017, which allow its users to save the links of websites to revisit afterwards.

Firefox now empowered by Pocket will be able to offer same recommendations to sponsored links based on users browsing activities, albeit it will not expose the private data in the browser.

The nonprofit company had always maintained a long gap from any form of advertising to gain revenue from its numerous services and product, but this latest move is perhaps a first timer, and may be signalling a possible change in the organization's strategy.

Mozilla, however states that it will help to rewrite the rules of online marketing, with ads targeted at users' interests but never shared with advertisers, as only an aggregated total count of impressions and clicks are made available to the advertisers.

The personalized sponsored content will therefore provide value to users without jeopardizing their privacy, continued Mozilla. Adding that it is an exciting opportunity because it promises to create a more user-centered model for supporting content on the web.
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