WebAssembly Studio beta released to help developers on the portable code format

Mozilla has released WebAssembly Studio beta, an online IDE for the WebAssembly (wasm) portable code format to help developers to easily code on the platform and teach others on the WebAssembly format.

The IDE project was born as developers wanted to merge the existing tools, WasmExplorer and WasmFiddle, while the WebAssembly code format promises to speed web application performance, and it also has the support of the major browsers, including Mozilla's own Firefox browser.

The WebAssembly Studio beta comprises the following key features: interactive embedding of objects via the system for embedding content; accessibility tools, and supports C, C++, and Rust languages.

As compilation is mostly done on the server-side, the call for enabling support for all language that compiles to WebAssembly is necessary - the WebAssembly IDE seeks to improve on that in subsequent betas, according to Mozilla.

Some improvement is also expected in the user experience, performance, and error reporting, with regards to the ability to download and build WebAssembly Studio projects locally using accessible tools.

And the LLVM compiler back end is used for C and C++, so the support for the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler is still under consideration. If you wish to try out the WebAssembly Studio IDE, you can download the source code from GitHub.
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