Microsoft Cognitive Services record advances in hosted Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Microsoft has announced advances in several Cognitive Services tools including Bing Entity Search, Microsoft Custom Vision Service and the Face API, which facial recognition software help to detect, identify and verify faces through Microsoft Azure.

While Microsoft research in AI is dated back to over two decades, though restricted to internal deployment, now the company is bringing it to everyone through simple, yet powerful tools.

Microsoft Cognitive Services, is one of the many tools and serves as a collection of cloud-hosted APIs that let developers easily infuse AI capabilities for vision, speech, language, knowledge and search into applications, across different devices and platforms.

According to Microsoft, over a million developers have already tried out Cognitive Services, and many new customers are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

The many examples of how the company is integrating research advances into enterprise services, is Progressive use of Microsoft Azure Bot Service and Cognitive Services to quickly and easily build the Flo Chatbot — currently available on Facebook Messenger — which answers customer questions, provides quotes and even offers a bit of witty banter in Flo’s well-known style.

And Microsoft Custom Vision service makes it possible for developers to easily train a classifier with their own data, export the models and embed these custom classifiers directly in their applications, and run it offline in real time on iOS, Android and Windows.

The Bing Entity Search algorithm, on the other hand, enables developers to embed Bing search results in any application. It brings rich context about people, places, things and local businesses to any app, blog or website for a more engaging user experience.

Microsoft launched the AI School to help developers get up to speed with these AI technologies and invite you to visit to learn more about how AI can augment and empower your digital transformation efforts.
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