Instagram makes it Possible for Users to request to join Live Stream

Instagram new feature now makes it possible for you to request to join someone’s live stream, while watching it, and if accepted, you can start broadcasting live along with the host. It already allow anyone streaming live to invite a friend to join, but the new feature now lets you initiate the request.

The feature invariably shifts the possibility for collaboration to the guest, and as allowing them to place a direct request to host, will actually enable more people to participate in a shared experience.

Instagram, however may need to put in place a screening system that would let the host verify the guest and if inappropriate content is shared, be able to boot the offending guest.

Albeit, the issue of someone sharing inappropriate content when they join, isn't any different from allowing random people to comment on your web contents.

But the ability to see pending requests, will allow the host pick a suitable fan to join the live stream rather than at random, or even someone with an insightful comment in the chat could be chosen from the request list.

The possibilities for collaboration will be greatly enhanced, as the feature rolls out, and may mean more interaction on the social platform. Just imagine what it will feel like for the fans “taking calls” from a celebrity, or exchanging pleasantries.
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