Amazon’s 3D AR let shoppers feel Product in Real World view

Amazon has unveiled a new augmented reality (AR) feature in its app for iOS that allow online shoppers to view products in a 3D rendering to show how the product will look like in real world experience.

The Amazon AR View is built on Apple’s ARKit technology, and as such, it will only work on the iPhone 6S or higher, on devices running Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11.

The AR View is simply activated by clicking on the camera icon in the Amazon app and then select “AR View” from the menu that appears. You can choose a product from across the different categories like Light Fixtures & Fittings, kitchen ware or furniture.

In the AR View screen, you can also move and rotate the items to see them in a full 360-degree view.

The AR capabilities have the potential to influence consumers behavior, as it allows them to imagine items not just in a finished room, but right in their own room.

Albeit, shoppers may eventually have the option to select AR View from an individual product page as Amazon complete development of its catalogue of digital imagery needed to make this happen.

The new feature is perhaps bringing AR experience to mainstream online shoppers at a large scale, which hitherto the use cases have been more of a gimmick or publicity stunts. The addition of AR View is about now rolling out to the Amazon app on iOS devices.
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