WhatsApp latest update brings Live location sharing to Android and iPhone

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging app has joined the live location sharing bandwagon, as the feature will be available for both Android and iPhone with the latest update of the app, and will be accessible as you’d normally send your messages.

It’ll afford users the option not just to pin their location on the map, but also allow them to be tracked continuously for a duration of their choosing.

While other messaging platforms like Snapchat and Messenger have their own versions of live location sharing, but WhatsApp's somewhat unique twist allow you chose duration between Fifteen minutes, an hour and 8 hours, though of course you can also turn off location sharing manually if you wish to conceal your location.

As location sharing is a great way to leave a traceable mark to explain that you’re on your way, it's actually helpful in making sure someone gets home all right, and you can also turn off location sharing manually if you reach your destination.

And it's an easier way to keep track of someone if you can’t walk or drive them home yourself.

The fact that WhatsApp is a widely used cross-platform app, makes it the best fit for everyday messaging and the location sharing space. WhatsApp Live Location will be rolling out in the app in the coming weeks.
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