Twitter set to launch bookmarking tool for favorite tweets

If you've ever wanted to privately save a tweet for later reference, and couldn't find an easy way to go about it, maybe you've tried DM-ing it to yourself, or even retweeting; Twitter has been working to have you covered with a new bookmarking feature.

The company has sort the contribution and feedback from its community of users, given that building “with” user input is how Twitter used to develop features borrowed from the community.

Even as Twitter users had resorted to various ways to try to privately save tweets to reference later, including bookmarking them with the heart.

Albeit, these shortcuts aren't as quick as simply clicking a button to save the tweet, with the exception of the “heart” icon, but still such saved tweets could be easily lost in your Favorites.

While the bookmarking feature appeared under the tweet’s “More” icon, with a new “Add to Bookmarks” option, as revealed in a prototype built during HackWeek.

Twitter’s other enhancements like the @reply format or more recently the increase in tweet counts character was as a basic architectural upgrade to the social network’s 140-character limit problem, than actual user experience.

The bookmarking tool as confirmed by a Twitter spokesperson isn't an experimental feature, but no word on how soon the feature will roll out.
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