Android Oreo makes Video Playback easier with picture-in-picture (PiP) mode

While the split-screen mode for apps made debut with Nougat, its Oreo that actually makes video playback easier with the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, as a feature designed with video playback in mind.

The PiP mode takes the hassles off watching a video on your phone, but the feature needs learning on how to use it, as you need to be watching a video or other live content that is enabled for PiP.

And once the PiP mode is active, the floating video window can be dragged around the screen, but the video will be borderless, and the controls hidden to save space.

Albeit, the PiP mode won't start if you have a video paused and on tapping the home button, but the video can be paused at any time and you can return to it later without opening the full app again.

Though still in the early days, it's mostly Google apps that work with PiP such as YouTube, but only for the YouTube Red subscription service. Google Maps will also use PiP for navigation if you tap the home button.

Additionally, Chrome, Play Movies, and Duo all do PiP for videos, and support for picture-in-picture mode will be added to more apps over time.
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