Facebook brings access to Instagram profile right within the mobile app

Facebook is reportedly rolling out a new feature to its main navigation menu on the mobile app that includes link to Instagram account, making it easier for users to access their Instagram profile directly from within the Facebook app.

The new addition appears below the link to your personal profile in Facebook’s app, right above the links to Facebook Pages you may manage.

Albeit, the feature isn't a major change as it only allow Facebook to launch the Instagram app on your phone, taking you to Instagram’s main feed without navigating away, just as it would if you had launched the app.

It's invariably a way to help users stay in touch with their friends on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

And users on Instagram will also appear active to their friends on Facebook, which will help position Instagram as one of the top mobile app, especially as regards app installs and usage share.

Facebook currently ranked as the number one app in terms of monthly visitors in the U.S., and it's among the top 10 apps in terms of mobile penetration worldwide.

The new feature is still rolling out to users on iOS and Android, and may not have reached all Facebook users at the time of this post, however if you’re not on Instagram, perhaps no change will happen.
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