Facebook Live extends live Video and Game streaming to desktop

Before now, Facebook only allow Pages to stream from desktop, not regular users, and had limited gameplay streaming partnership with developers like Blizzard, while regular users could only stream live videos on mobile.

All users, now can go Live directly from Facebook’s website via their webcam, or stream through software hooked up to a desktop and broadcast gameplay from their PC.

While the use of streaming software to broadcast straight to the News Feed allow creators to add on-screen graphics, titles and overlays to make their streams more professional.

Facebook's move is coming on the heels of rumored Twitter plans to allow media firms to post live streaming videos directly to its network, and invariably, it brings the service at per with longer-standing competitors like YouTube and Livestream.

The company had previously moved quickly to roll out Live and add a Live API for broadcasting from professional equipment.

With the desktop launch, Facebook is perhaps looking to become a ubiquitous broadcasting tool, and thus the ultimate place for people to broadcast when there’s something worth sharing.

In comparison, Facebook's taking a swing at Twitch while also one-upping its mobile live streaming competitors, albeit the major difference between Facebook live videos and Twitch is that Twitch users are able to monetize their efforts.
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