WikiLeaks alleged CIA Hacks: Is Windows 10 safe from the "dated" vulnerabilities?, the controversial whistle-blowing portal, had reported that the CIA have developed programs that take advantage of unknown vulnerabilities in nearly all the OSes powering mobile phones, tablets and computers.

While nobody has been able to verify whether or not the documents are real, the threats contained therein have been taken rather seriously by the major software vendors.

Microsoft statement on Thursday afternoon, claims that the Central Intelligence Agency's alleged hacking tools shouldn't be able to crack Windows 10 PCs. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 software should be safe from the "dated" vulnerabilities that appear to target "older systems.

And the company has also pledged to send updates to customers should any new threats be discovered.

The company stated in an emailed statement, about taking the security issues very seriously and continuing a deeper analysis to determine if additional steps are necessary to further protect its customers.
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