Facebook targets Clickbaiters in new changes to News Feed

Again, the leading social network is bringing new changes to its news feed ranking in recognition that most websites deliberately posts eye-catching headlines (click bait) that aren't quite accurate or just plain made up, all in the hope that they'll go viral.

Facebook is going up against the typically sensationalist headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures, which is perhaps the worst offshoot of the modern web journalism era.

The company is leveraging on machine learning algorithm to help curb the problem, which identify likely click bait headlines by monitoring how much time lapses between someone clicking on a link and then returning back to Facebook.

And then the post headlines can be categorized as click bait by the computer-trained algorithm to identify new, and similarly pejorative web contents.

While, most Facebook pages may not see any significant reduction in their content distribution in News Feed as a result of this change, but certainly, those screaming headlines that aim at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy content, will be weeded out.

Those websites/pages that rely on click-bait styled headlines, however, should expect their content distribution in News Feed to decrease.
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