Machine Learning: How Twitter 'Connect' feature for iOS and Android works?

Twitter has been tinkering with machine learning algorithm lately, and now it has announced a new function for its mobile apps: Apple's iOS and devices powered by Android. The new "Connect" tab will feature detailed list of people and accounts that the social network think you’ll enjoy following, all easily accessible in one place.

It uses machine learning algorithms to help you find interesting accounts to follow, such as celebrities, politicians and sports teams, etc.

While, Twitter has acknowledged that its social network is more of a news and entertainment service than a way to connect with loved ones, the new "Connect" feature may perhaps bring back the good old memories of friends and family.

According to the company, the new "Connect" feature will recommend accounts based on who you follow already, your tweets, what's popular around you and what's happening in the world.

It also let you know exactly why we’re showing you each recommendation, and gives you the option to automatically sync your address book for better recommendations.

The Twitter "Connect" tab started rolling out yesterday to all users of its apps on iOS and Android devices. You'll need to update your app to check it out, as you'll find a blue-colored prompt introducing the Connect tab.
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