Safety Tips: Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 to get a Security Perk

Safety Tips is a new security functionality in Office 365, which automatically provides an additional layer of protection for all its users. It's new set of tool in combating phishing scams and online fraud, whether you’re working within Outlook for the Web (not to be confused with, but the browser-based version of Outlook for Office 365) or in the Outlook app.

It will be managed by Exchange Online Protection, the back-end protection mechanism used to secure email sent via Office 365 according to Microsoft.

The “Safety Tips” tab will be added at the top of every email in the coming weeks: colored bars to let you know whether an email is safe, suspicious, or known to be fraudulent.

Albeit, Safety Tips won’t be able to block every risks, but it’s an additional layer of security that will make a hacker’s job a bit harder.

Microsoft will classify email into four different categories; with all four types of messages flagged within the web version of Outlook, but only suspicious emails will be highlighted within the Outlook app.

Any email that has failed sender authentication or is a known phishing email is labelled suspicious email and flagged with a red bar.

While, unknown messages will be flagged as yellow, and Exchange Online Protection will mark it as spam. Trusted email from a domain that Microsoft has flagged as safe will have a green bar attached to it.

Additionally, you’ll have the option of telling Microsoft that a message it mistakenly flagged as suspicious is in fact genuine.
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