Top 3 new features in Apple iOS 9.3 for Students

Apple has released iOS 9.3 with a bevy of new smart features targeting students, while iOS 9.2.1 was still in beta testing, the company has jump start a full blown update instead.

The new iOS 9.3 has shown that Apple indeed has education as a priority, as even a new dedicated education section, has been made available to allow a preview on the changelog.

Now, find the top three smart new education features available on iOS 9.3 below:

  1. Shared iPad: It's a multi-user support feature, allowing students to log on to any iPad with full access their own apps, books, and other stored media. It utilizes Photo ID security feature, which displays a student's picture when logged in, to prevent identity issues.
  2. Classroom App: It enable teachers to control the various iPads used by students in a classroom, and even be able to monitor what each student is doing at any particular time.
  3. School Manager: This is a hub for teachers to compile and share courses, buying of books and apps, and track class activities.

Apple, also promised with the release, that the best classroom experience is about to get started, while touting the new features as crafted to reshape education, and make it even easier for schools to have the greater impact on students.
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