Google Domains: How you can transfer/register a domain name in Nigeria and other countries

Google's foray into web-hosting services is no longer news; the company launched Google Domains back in January 13, which still in beta is available only for United States. It provides domain hosting and a handful of extras like: free email hosting/forwarding, blogger integration and a host of website builder tools.

Google Domains most remarkable feature is perhaps the one-click Blogger integration, which eliminates manual input of MX records and other required verification codes.

And the fact that it's running on latest hosting technology, means up-time and delivery speed is unmatched, with added Google security and  rare domain names offerings like .coffee, .florist, et al.

How you can transfer/register a domain name in Nigeria and other countries

Despite the fact that Google Domains service as at the time of this post is only available to users in the United States, below is a detailed guide on how to register or transfer a domain name in Nigeria (other countries).

As you can see from the above image, the registration page has all countries included, so filling up your correct country information is not a problem.

However, the checkout page (Payment page) is actually where the U.S. restriction comes to play, so to successfully register/transfer a domain name from any other country, you need a U.S. issued card (e.g Payoneer MasterCard), simply fill in the card details as required.

And when it comes to ZIP CODE as most Payoneer Cards are issued from Belize City, which officially has no ZIP CODE, you can enter any nearby city's code and it works successfully.
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