Mozilla tightens Private Browsing on Firefox with Tracking Protection

As the issue of websites evasion of browser privacy add-on, and still capable of unique tracking, even when all cookies are blocked by user and 'Private Browsing Mode' enabled, continue to rise. Mozilla has taken a step ahead in making privacy protection a serious feature in its browser.

Mozilla is testing a new privacy technology (Tracking Protection) to mitigate invasive tracking of users’ online activity by blocking requests to tracking domains.

The new private browsing mode in Firefox doesn’t just erase traces of your browsing, but also blocks online services that could track you while you’re surfing the web. It is now available starting with the Developer Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with the Firefox Aurora channel on Android.

The new private mode in Firefox does not save history, and will block third-party access from monitoring users activities via cookies.

And since Firefox no longer downloads and render content from tracking domains, Tracking Protection also enjoys performance benefits of a 44% median reduction in page load time and 39% reduction in data usage.

The browser indicates when it blocks tracking elements by showing a shield icon in the location bar. While clicking the shield presents a door-hanger that allows the user to disable Tracking Protection for the given domain.

Some websites might not load properly due to the restrictions, however, there is a workaround and Firefox users can select certain websites, which can bypass these restrictions and load properly.
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