Enterprise mobility is still in its infancy and suffers similar growth problems experienced by app development in the past decade. Businesses are struggling with standards, strategies, architecture, device priorities, and a rapidly evolving landscape of devices and user experience.

Delivering the app is just the start - as mobile apps never stay small, you can call it "the mobile tsunami".

The Mobile platform multiplied by many form factors multiplied by high expectations on pace of change and depth of integration equals an app delivery and management nightmare: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Microsoft's shift towards regular yearly major updates for its platforms and services continues, Windows 8.1 was primarily intended to address complaints of Windows 8 users and reviewers on launch. And the new OS received relatively positive reception, with critics praising the expanded functionality available to apps in comparison to 8, OneDrive integration, along with UI tweaks and the expanded tutorials for operating the Windows 8 interface.

The purpose of this guide is to give everyday users a look into the ever-evolving world of Windows and provide a clear understanding of Microsoft’s upgrades to their new OS (Windows 8.1).

Maybe you've just purchased a new computer and found that your Windows Operating System (OS) looks different from the way it used to. Or perhaps you are just curious about the changes to Windows 8.1 and wondering whether you should upgrade your own system, regardless of the reasons, you have come to the right place.

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Marketing is like a real-life board game. You could get sent backward, move ahead or lose a turn at any moment. While the project goals and individual tasks may change, the process stays the same - hold a kickoff meeting, develop a plan of attack, assign tasks, and set a completion date. Then, roll the dice and hope for the best result?

In this eBook, you will learn the key strategies to eliminate work chaos, and get the Winning at the Game of Marketing.

Find out how to eliminate marketing work chaos and gain control of the board - no more rolling the dice. It is now a game of chess, where creativity and strategic execution are the keys to winning.

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The rules of engagement on Facebook apply to your custom apps as well as the third-party apps used for photo and share-to-win contests, trivia, quizzes, polls and more - so you can be in good standing with the service, while making your content more viral and sharable.

This eBook gives you a thorough understanding of Facebook principles and the Terms of Service that apply to content and behavior.

Most especially handy for the seasons marketing promotions: learn the basics plus a few esoteric details you need to know in order to stay in good standing, and equally get the most mileage out of your social campaigns.

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The Web Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition - eBook, offers a broad revision for the content to catch up to the latest tools and trends in web marketing. This updated edition provides the basics that every web marketer needs to know, including how to create web properties, exploit search engines (SEO), and create effective e-mail campaigns.

The rapidly changing landscape of web marketing requires those in the field to quickly adapt to new technologies as they evolve.

This fun-but-straightforward guide explores trends in SEO techniques, mobile, location-based, and consumer site marketing and examines ways to maximize success by analyzing results, avoiding legal issues, and keeping everything fresh and exciting.

It will among other things, avail you social media and mobile marketing insight to create an effective landing page and know how to attract/retain customers.

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This handy guide, written by a leading executive coach, shows you how to retool your brain, reclaim your schedule, become a master of each minute, and make yourself more productive.

For anyone who's felt valuable time frittered away in checking emails or answering wrong phone numbers, or listening to a coworker giving you a minute-by-minute account of what transpired the previous night, help is finally here.

Using a method that is intuitive, easy to remember, and simple to use, this eBook will help you transform how you think, what you focus on, and what you do so that you can begin to create tangible results. Full of creative, fun, and proven solutions to the common bugaboos of procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, and a general dissatisfaction with results, Get Productive! offers concrete steps toward rethinking how you work and reworking how you think.

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BYOD (Bring your own device), is a modern enterprise policy of allowing employees to bring personal mobile devices (tablets, smartphones and laptops) to the workplace, and to use those devices to access privileged company information and applications.

The idea was initially rejected due to security concerns but more and more companies are now looking to incorporate BYOD policies, as it empower workers to choose the best device to get their work done.

It's often characterized as a feature of the "consumer enterprise" in which enterprises blend with consumers, rather than the reversal that businesses are the driving force behind consumer technology innovations and trends.

This white paper provides guidance for introducing BYOD to help workers become more mobile and productive while IT adapts to consumerization in a simple, secure and controlled manner. Along with discovering how to select technologies and develop policies for your BYOD program. Request your complimentary free copy today.

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