Is Twitter Prepping Ad Re-targeting Exchange?

Twitter could be cooking-up an ad exchange program, according to a report credited to AdAge. The report has it that the Twitter Ad Exchange program is aimed to bolster the company revenue system and as a challenge to Facebook owned Ad Exchange, FBX.

The Ad re-targeting exchange will employ user tracking mechanisms to determine previous pages visited by a user and then re-target them with display ads on the network. It uses cookies to track users and re-targets them when a partner bids to target such user on the social network.

Twitter is already rallying for support from several FBX partners who are experienced in brand re-targeting to make the program a success. The talks, however are still in hush-hush, as Twitter has not briefed partners on actual launch date.

The micro-blogging platform has been saddled with revenue issues and would want to explore any possible means to end the crunch race. Albeit, the company did not respond to request for further information on the purported ad exchange program, close sources have validated the claims.

Perhaps, it won't be long before we start seeing the early track on the ads program. And Twitter is also expected to pursue an IPO next year, the new revenue system is seen as a means to avoid pre-IPO push back.
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