Chrome Browser Support for MS Office docs

Google has pushed Chrome Office Viewer extension into the beta version of its browser, making it possible for users to access Microsoft Office documents direct on browser. The feature is perhaps a great leap in the enterprise productivity suite being implemented on Google Chrome.

Microsoft Office users can now heave a sigh of relieve as the hassles of endless upgrades in order to be able to receive Office documents are over.

The Chrome Office Viewer extension affords users direct access to Office documents, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Slides direct on the browser. It is compatible to Windows and Mac version of the browser and requires the latest beta version of the browser.

However, there is the limitation to view only, as editing of documents are not possible on the browser. There remains the options of uploading files to Google Drive or open in Microsoft Word to edit.

Google also iterated the security enhancement in the browser viewer, stating that it incorporates Chrome sandbox technology in isolating the documents, according to the Chrome blog. In that way, malwares are isolated from infecting the computer if compromised files are accessed on the browser.

Indeed, the browser-side technology are currently on the spotlight with Chrome championing the web app revolution. Albeit, native applications are still exacting great influence in overall productivity landscape, the future is truly web-based application.
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