Graph Search: Actionable Real-time Analytics?

Facebook commenced public availability of its latest search innovation, "Graph Search" today. Albeit, only to a limited number of users for now, the search innovation follows on "natural language" search technology to present actionable information on real-time social engagement which before now is not available on the social network.

Graph Search is perhaps a bridging on the limitations of Facebook timeline feature to impact users experience and enhance information retrieval.

It's devoid of keywords like in normal web search, rather utilizing structured search phrases is able to provide information on related terms as "all natives of a particular location" on the social network. Also common phrases like "friends who like going to cinemas" or "friends of friends who like certain restaurant" can be employed to arrive at an actionable social information.

The uniqueness of this search innovation remains that getting such nature of information was not obtainable on Facebook before now, which had called to question the usefulness of Facebook Timeline to users, who invariably may want to tap into the collective social data for business intelligence.

However, in-between the benefits of this search innovation comes its privacy bearing on users. And Facebook has taken the time to spell out the privacy implications of the new Graph Search feature, stressing that the search mechanism will only return results based on what users have granted it permission.
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