Google Apps Drop Old Office Formats

Google mid-week announced new updates to the Google Apps service which will take effect starting October 1. Google is dropping support for the older Microsoft Office (Office 97 - 2003) formats: .doc (Word), .xls (Excel), and .ppt (PowerPoint)  on the Google Docs.

The Google Docs to Microsoft Office exporting feature will only allow user download documents in the new Office formats: .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx. However, the ability to import Office files of any format to Google Docs remains unchanged.

Google Docs users who are still running the old Office 97 - 2003 versions have been afforded a free compatibility plugin by Microsoft which will allow them to open newer Office files.

And users of the Consumer Productivity Suite of Google Docs will continue to be able to export documents in the old Microsoft Office format, whereas support for the Commercial Productivity Suite have been discontinued.

Office document collaborator using the old Office format, being backward compatible, need not concern themselves whether a collaborator is using the new Office version, as the latest versions of the Suite is compatible to the old formats. But, the older version of the Suite is not compatible.
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