Google Warns On State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Google as a follow-up on the evolving trend of nation-states engaging in cyber attacks against organizations or individuals with varied fronts and concerns have gone ahead to launch a notification service aimed at users whose accounts may be at risk of such level of attacks.

Google Online Security Blog in a post on Tuesday stated categorically about its monitoring systems put in place to thwart efforts by cyber criminals to hijack its users accounts.

According to the post, Google is constantly on the lookout for malicious activities on their systems, and any instance it observes attempts by third-party to log-on to users account unauthorized will show clear warning notifications. The warnings, however, does not necessarily mean your account has been compromised, rather that you may be at a risk of a targeted phishing from state-sponsored attackers.

Google intends the notification to serve as a signal for users to take extra steps to protecting their accounts, whilst the recommendations for secured accounts remains the same: create difficult passwords with combination of letters, numbers and characters, and update your system software whenever a patch is made available. 

How Google decodes the phishing signals as state-sponsored attacks remains unknown, but has reassured that the reason for not disclosing the detailed analysis is for the bad guys not be able to counter their monitoring systems.

Google also promises to continue to update the notifications based on the latest information.  
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