Twitter MySQL Goes Open-Source

MySQL is the database technology employed by Twitter in rendering its users data, which comprises: timeline, users tweets and interest graph. Twitter Engineering blog announced on Monday that the micro-blogging platform has now open-sourced its MySQL works on GitHub under the BSD license.

Albeit, MySQL is an open-source software, clients have the ability to tweak and change it. Twitter's numerous tweaks to the database technology is now open for the MySQL community to contribute to improve the overall service.

Jeremy Cole and Davi Arnaut, Twitters Developers, in the blog post stressed the points that the company 'believes in sharing knowledge and that open source facilitate innovations'.

And furthermore, mentioned sharing its work with upstream and downstream MySQL vendors, with a goal to improving the community.

Twitter plans to disclose more information on the MySQL project at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo on April 12th, in Santa Clara, California.
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