Social Search: Google Plus Your World

Google earlier today announced new features to its social search innovations according to its official blog. The new search enhancements involves the inclusion of its social networking platform, Google+,  into its search algorithms, to create what it calls 'Personal Results' search.

An innovation it has termed 'Search Plus Your World', combines the conventional Google search algorithm with Google+ recommended results based on individual preferences and permission.

Google's 'Search Plus Your World' feature is made up of three basic enhancements: Personal Results, Profiles In Search, and People & Pages. It involves the inclusion of Google+ posts into Google search results where necessary and relevant to the search query, enabled by a user, and permitted by the Google+ Circles in which the given post is originally shared.

The 'Profiles In Search' aspect, enables a user to immediately find people within a Circle or a given area of interest, in both auto-complete and search results. While, the People And Pages, finds Google+ pages and people related to a specific topic or interest.

The internet search giant's obsession with Social Search may perhaps have found satisfaction in mingling with its own networking platform.

Google was fast to add that the 'Search Plus Your World' feature will never undermine users privacy and security, since the information that will be made available is already secured by Google+ SSL encryption. And the results page will also have the same level of security and privacy protection, that is to say, when a user is signed in to Google account, the search results, both private contents are protected by the same standard of encryption as your Gmail.

Also on effective control on features, Google stated that it will introduce a prominent new toggle on the upper of search results page where users can see how search results look like without personal contents, which translates to transparency and control over personal search results.
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