Google+ Pages: Good Step, Wrong Timing

Google hurriedly introduced business/brand pages feature into its latest social networking platform Google Plus (Google+) on Monday, to serve the equivalent of the ever popular Facebook Pages. It intends to serve as a means of promoting businesses and brands, whereas such feat is only attainable with great pool of users on hand.

Google failed to consider the fact that the new platform is seriously begging for more user engaging functionality, as has been proven that availability of such functions keep users coming, rather than the platform itself or the brand behind it.

The geek world unanimously supported the Google social platform debut, making up the pool of early reviewers, driven by the open source connection. But, subsequently, those that remained failed to find a really convincing feature to stick, likewise those referred by them.

Without doubts, Google is never in want of highly talented developers to spearhead the needed app push to enhance the user friendliness and functionality of Google Plus. So, what had gone wrong?

Google must first feast users with credible functional reason to stick or equal the ace social network, Facebook, cos surpassing it seems highly illusive, before businesses will find reasons to join the party. Definitely, users must be paid their due, that Google Plus may not end up in the "Buzz Fate."
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