Collaboration: Mobile Web Convergence

The technology convergence bringing the web and mobile platforms together, and how businesses can leverage the emerging technology platforms, are questions that had been on the table of technology analysts since the advent of the mobile web. Technology trends as it relates to businesses, innovations that cut across online video, instant messaging and voice communication are the collaboration platforms of modern enterprises.

Microsoft has distinguished its products with special preference for business usage, an arsenal of collaboration tools, and now have concluded a deal for the acquisition of Skype, the voice and video communication provider. Also, cloud-based services have been on Microsoft's drawing board, which will greatly enhance its Exchange email and SharePoint platforms.

Skype acquisition has been seen as Microsoft's answer to Google Voice, and the FaceTime service from Apple, apps which have had more mobile applications than its web usage. Application development is a continuum that must embrace the novel idea of merging the mobile and web software.

As internet access becomes ubiquitous, less identification of applications as mobile or web apps will perhaps be the greatest challenge to the developer communities.

However, the major challenge to the actualization of a mobile web convergence may perhaps rest on the implementation of a true open web system. The open web system will afford a freedom to publish code and implement the standards that content/apps will depend.
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