Intuitive Browser Address Bar

Google commenced the repositioning of its Chrome browser as a tool for web reform late last year and that transition is still on-going, with a couple of tweaks and new technology enhancements - now it seems that the era of browser address bar is nearing an end; as the next generation of Chrome may perhaps present an intuitive browser address bar rather than the conventional.

The Chrome browser will undergo an overhaul of it's user interface (UI) and possibly extended to the Chrome OS, which however is postulated for next year. The report credited to Jeff Chang (Google Chrome Engineer) stated thus: 'A number of UI / frontend efforts under way' for Chrome, was posted on the Chromium developer Google Group.

Arguments on how users will adapt in a case whereby the browser URL bar is eliminated has already begun, and given Google's disruptive technology nature is one worthwhile. One school of thought sees it as an aid to the search market and the uninformed individual users, who invariably most often types in a wrong URL. The other calls it freaking-out, imagining how a great number of potential users will get use to the absent of a feature they have become accustomed.

In conclusion, which ever school of thought you may belong, the overriding fact remains that change is inevitable, and the present technology trends will sure characterize the next generation. However, I do not see a feasible end to the browser address bar, rather a more intuitive URL bar / search box combination.
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