Earlier in the news, Microsoft expressed intent to acquire Yahoo! Inc., however, a search alliance deal has now been arrived instead as postulated by Questechie. Yahoo announced the search alliance milestone on its official blog on Tuesday, stating that later this week, they will commence transitioning the back-end technology for Yahoo search in the U.S. and Canada (English versions) over to the Microsoft platform - Bing. And the transition will comprise both web and mobile searches.

Microsoft's platform will among other features provide the ranking technologies that generate search results, and on-the-other-hand Yahoo in turn will be responsible for presenting such results on search pages.

Yahoo Search product, BOSS - build your own search service, will continue according to the report, whereas, the Search Monkey service has been discontinued. Instead of having apps developed by application developers, publishers are now required to add enhanced listing information using standard format, before they can be displayed on search results.

Also, paid search transitions begin this week and more information are available for advertisers on Yahoo Search Marketing blog.

However, webmasters still have the option of using Yahoo search explorer for Yahoo listed sites and Bing webmaster central for Bing pages. How the search technology alliance will be welcomed by Google remains a million dollar question.

Yahoo Search Alliance With Microsoft

Twitter now feature alerts via Mobile SMS according to a report on its official blog post on Tuesday. The new enhancement allow users to receive tweets via their mobile devices of Twitter accounts they follow.

Leland Rechis, Mobile UI designer at Twitter, in the blog post called this new capability 'Fast Follow' and stated that even without a Twitter account anyone can receive Tweets on their phone (available only for US users). However, sending tweets via SMS requires an account, and Fast Followers are not indicated on the accounts they follow.

To set-up SMS Tweets alert from your computer requires going to the Twitter users account you wish to follow and click on the phone icon that is displayed on the hovercard.

Also, its just as easy to set-up via your mobile device, simply send: on (username) or off (username) to 40404 in the United States. Turn SMS alert on or off by adding on or off to the username and text to 40404.

For activation codes in other countries, checkout embedded link on list of numbers for each country. Also additional information on Twitter mobile developments can be found on @twittermobile.

Twitter Features: SMS Alert Via Tweets

The fourth platform preview for internet explorer 9 is now available for developers according to a release on the IEBlog. The platform preview earlier unveiled mid-march, promises extensive support for modern web standards - notably: HTML5 and CSS3, on the premise that the next generation web will deliver experiences that feel like native applications rather than mere websites.

This fourth preview will afford developers the opportunity to test-run Drive samples that show scalable vector graphics and native JavaScript integration, building on hardware accelerated SVG (xml based file format for describing two-dimensional animated vector graphics interaction).

The new browser offers consistent, fully accelerated text, graphics and media: both video and audio with HTML5 and hardware acceleration.The deep JavaScript integration in IE9 makes it the first browser to have a shared DOM between the browser and the script engine based on ECMAScript5, thereby enhancing its real-world performance and consistency.

IE9 preview 4 is stated to be the last preview before the Beta release according to Dean Hachamovitch, GM Internet Explorer. Though Microsoft has declined to say the exact release date, its quite obvious that the platform is nearly complete.

Developers: IE9 Preview 4 Now Available